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Doctor Who ask meme (2005 onwards):


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  1. List the Doctors in order from your favourite to least favourite
  2. Prettiest episode(s)?
  3. Who is your favourite companion and why?
  4. If you were a companion where would you go on your first trip
  5. Which villain do you find the scariest?
  6. Favourite season(s)?
  7. Saddest scenes for you to watch?
  8. Favourite cast members?
  9. Favourite songs from the soundtrack?
  10. Which companion’s wardrobe would you most like to steal?
  11. If you could, what would you name an episode of Doctor Who?
  12. Do you think you have any unpopular opinions about the show? If so what?
  13. Which character would you want to wrap up in a blanket?
  14. Who do you think you would get along with the most?
  15. How would you react if the Tardis appeared outside your home?
  16. What do you love about the show?
  17. If you got the chance, what would you change about the show?
  18. Have you made close friends with any people who are in the Doctor Who fandom?
  19. What is your favourite thing about the fandom?
  20. Do you own or aspire to own any Doctor Who merchandise? (including fanmade stuff)
  21. Top 5 quotes from the show?
  22. What was the first episode you saw?
  23. How would you describe the show to somebody who has never seen it?
  24. Who would you choose to have their own spin-off?
  25. Travelling to the past or the future?
  26. Top 3 episodes?
  27. Favourite Doctor Who related blogs you follow?
  28. Name 3 pairings you like from the show
  29. Which character do you relate to the most and why?
  30. How do you think season 8 will end?
  31. Favourite regeneration?
  32. Favourite feel good episode?
  33. How do you think the Doctor tries to cheer people up?
  34. Do you believe time travel is actually possible?
  35. Ten’s blue suit or Eleven’s bow tie?
  36. Favourite storyline(s)?
  37. An episode you have rewatched a lot
  38. Fish fingers and custard or Zaffic (beef flavour slush puppie)
  39. Who would you cast as a female Doctor?
  40. How has Doctor Who changed your life?
  41. Would you abandon your life to travel through space and time with the Doctor?
  42. What would be your exit as a companion?
  43. A song you think Nine would have loved?
  44. Favourite side character?
  45. Least favourite episodes and why?
  46. Would you rather get trapped in a parallel universe or live your life having forgotten all about your travels with the Doctor?
  47. Who would you want to return to the show if they could?
  48. The Sarah Jane Adventures or Torchwood?
  49. Favourite plot twist?
  50. Do you see yourself ever giving up on Doctor Who?